Prepare for the Spring Melt & Rain! 

Is your Sump Pump is in good working order?

Checking your equipment can be instrumental to preventing a disaster.

  • Make sure your Sump Pump is plugged in!
  • Clear your sump area of storage to ensure easy access!
On average, a Sump Pump will have a reliable life expectancy of approximately 5-10 years. If your Sump Pump is older than that, you should consider preventative maintenance and schedule to have a new Sump Pump installed.  We install brands we trust with full warranties!
Sump Pumps with a higher HP rating will be more powerful and more reliable. A basic model would be a 1/3 HP pump rating. A better quality pump will have a ½ HP rating. Sump Pumps are made of either cast iron or a plastic polymer. Generally speaking, cast iron pumps may cost more, however they are higher quality and offer a better value.
Power outages in your home are common during stormy weather- which is exactly when you need the sump pump to work!  We suggest installing items that can help your Sump Pump perform when needed. We can install a Battery Backup Pump System that pumps water during power outages. This system uses a deep cycle marine battery to power your pump during an outage. These units have an alarm to alert you when the backup pump is working. The Battery Backup System also includes a trickle charger that will keep the battery charged and ready to go when you need it. Battery Backup Systems can be installed with your existing Sump Pump as well!

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We can install a new Sump Pump and a Battery Backup System
so you don’t have to worry about rain water getting into
your basement with spring melting and summer rain storms!












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